A Week in the Dystoverse We’ll Never Forget

  • The lead dev of the DystoPunks project, Dekadente, had sent Dystos to the CyberKongz whale. They clearly knew each other. Like investment partners?
  • The Dysto price floor had just spiked from < 0.5 ETH to 2+ ETH… why?
  • I dug into the Dysto Discord and scoured Twitter and that’s when I found a series of tweets by @astroboy explaining what was about to happen with the Dysto project. It was basically this roadmap:
I got lucky to discover this roadmap right as it went public
  • There would be a launch of a VX Dystopunk purpose-built for use in the Sandbox
  • There was already a purchase of land in the Sandbox for the Dystoverse to be born. The first location to be developed would be called Greystone City.
  • The Level 2 Comic Book offering made complete sense for this type of art and community. ENCODE Graphics was getting ready to launch with the mission of becoming the DC Comics of the NFT space. And their DystoPunk artwork teasers were absolutely on FIRE…
ENCODE Graphics brought a whole new vibe to the Dystoverse
Gmoney in the Dystoverse
Gmoney has entered the Dystoverse and he’s pissed
  • Holders of all of the Dystopunks affiliated projects received 300 $CREDS. My personal favorite is the collection of CyberCroz which was built as a tribute to CyberKongz
  • The main collection of Dystopunks (2077 of them in total) each generate 7 CREDS/day
  • While utility tokens are all the rage right now, Dystos have every reason to spend those CREDs to mint CRATES which will contain gear for the Dystoverse AND a CRATE acts as a Mint pass for the VX launch coming up later this quarter
  • CRATES can be traded right on the Opensea Market or kept and opened once Level 4 is reached and the Dystolab comes fully online
  • Until we reach Level 4 we’ll be accessing a Dystolab to mint our crates via the website:
The Dystolab will manufacture the CRATES that supply us with all our Dystoverse gear
  • A new website launched ready for Web3 and the Dystolab to mint CRATES
  • The DystoPunk collection cracked a 10 ETH floor (sweeps by new buyers)
  • 3000 CREDS given away to 10 lucky winners in a launch day giveaway
  • Number of unique holders of Dystos hit an ATH sitting at 662 (32%)
  • Major endorsements for the DystoPunks project have come from multiple CyberKong OGs (like EddyisKongz), Gmoney, and from Ellio Trades himself




I believe technology can change the world for better

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Gold Mamba (@StevensHill21)

Gold Mamba (@StevensHill21)

I believe technology can change the world for better

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